The Best Selfie App for Android Phone

These days, it’s almost impossible to go outside without seeing someone taking a selfie. Make your selfie stand out in a sea of selfies by using a selfie app. These applications are filled with tools that enhance your natural attractiveness and bring out your greatest characteristics.

There is no doubt that the contemporary generation is fascinated on the selfie trend. Even though cell phones are equipped with sufficient cameras, using specific selfie camera apps might enhance your experience. In this way, we present what are perhaps the top Android selfie camera apps.

Selfies are definitely popular on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. All things considered, switching from a stock camera to a selfie-specific device can significantly alter your images.

An effective decent photo can also be improved with a good selfie camera app. Additionally, when you are posing for the perfect shot, you can incorporate numerous channels, stickers, and augmented reality veils that can apply continually.

There are many selfie apps but the most amazing app is “BeautyPlus“. It has experience using its efficient photo-editing tools to enhance a person’s natural beauty in photographs. After taking a picture, you can choose from one of the 6 beautifying levels to instantly receive a better image.

This app may be used to take full-body shots in addition to close-up selfies. For instance, the “Protract Legs” feature quickly makes you appear taller in body shots, while the “Body Slim” part tightens your abdomen to give the impression that you are thinner. Separate video selfies (4–8 second clips), face-reshaping, and eye-enlarging devices are some of the other unique features offered.


  • Grin’ feature ensures that if you or anyone else smiles, a single or group photo will be automatically taken.
  • The app provides a “multi-face discovery” feature that allows you to change every face in the group photo at once.
  • The Eye Bag Remover tool reduces the appearance of under-eye bags in the illustration.
  • To help you research, uncover, and find inspiring ideas, Beauty Circle, its in-app interpersonal organisation, openly supports the most recent trends in design, style, and makeup.


Photos and videos would virtually lose their attractiveness after being taken. You may manipulate the size of your eyes, face, nose, and other facial organs online to make it appear as though you had a minor restorative surgery.


Without makeup, you can shoot respectable pictures. By selecting virtual facial cosmetics, such as lip, eyelash, and eyeline, you can instantly change yourself into a beauty expert!

Special Features

  • Selfies aren’t everything, though. Both the forward-looking and the external-facing camera are compatible with BeautyPlus.
  • Selfie Timer is integrated so you may take the ideal hand-free photo.
  • Your release for the group shot comes from multiple facial recognition!
  • Even in the most hidden locations, the illumination is perfect. a dim light? Disregard it!
  • Consequently, BeautyPlus modifies presentation
  • Prepared to share. When you’re done editing, you can share to popular social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat!

Effective Photo Editing

Blur: A quick selfie that translates a professional appearance into a snappy blur. To make an impression, simply swipe!

Crop: All you need is one crop to take the ideal selfie or picture! To manage and resize, tap.

Photo filters: We have several excellent channels to enhance your selfies and images, ranging from the nostalgic to the emotional.

Professional Control: The options Enlarge, Stretch, Slim, and Rotate allow you to edit your selfies and images however you like!

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