How to Freeze Last Seen On Whatsapp

Whatsapp has recently been revived with a few fresh new features for its users. One of the features of WhatsApp that allows us to verify someone’s last seen on WhatsApp is last seen on WhatsApp. But the usual obstacle to that is that you also won’t be able to check another person’s Last seen. In light of this, guys, I have chosen to share this awesome trick for freezing WhatsApp last saw without hiding it. enables Checkout.

Whatsapp has recently been updated with a few new features for its users. Many of you have already searched on Google for information on “How to Show Always Online on Whatsapp,” and I have just published an essay on the topic.

I’ll offer the way to “Create/Show Fake Last Seen on WhatsApp” for each Whatsapp user in this article. You can hide your Whatsapp Last seen, but the main drawback is that you won’t be able to see other people’s Last seen.

Whatsapp is currently regarded as one of the most well-known companies, offering the newest features for talking, video calling, and other things. Many Whatsapp users must create a fake last seen on Whatsapp or must display a fixed last seen on Whatsapp that is typically evident for all.

How Do I Freeze Last Seen On WhatsApp, Please?

You may create ChatHeads/Chat Bubbles for any application using DirectChat. It addresses all of your conversations in one place to help you have an unintruded conversation. You can also read and respond to all messages privately without ever going online or displaying your last seen. More than 20 couriers are supported naturally by it. Additionally, it serves as your personal Notification Manager so you can manage all of your notifications in one place. Additionally, by using different tones and straightforwardness, you can adjust the chat appearance to your needs.


  • Support for ChatHead/Bubble across all applications
  • Recover messages that other talk users have deleted.
  • Read texts in protection mode without accessing the internet or displaying your previous location!
  • DND Mode – Temporarily pause the ChatHead Service and stop taking its notifications.
  • Don’t use apps
  • Obstructed Users

Premium Options:

  • No Ads
  • Moment Reply: Tap on message review to quickly respond.
  • Imprint messages that are read directly from ChatHead
  • Late Conversations and revisiting of any earlier conversation whenever
  • Subjects
  • Launch ChatHeads in every app.
  • Talk Bubble Presentation
  • A variety of Predefined Themes
  • Previews of connections

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