How to Enable Flash Light Notifications on Your Phone

Your Android phone’s notification light can provide a lot of information about your device. Without contacting your phone, you can learn more about an important notification or see whether the charge is low. Without a doubt, the notification light is a useful feature, but would you say you’re using it to the most extent possible?

This article explains how to modify settings so that the camera streak on an iPhone or Android phone activates whenever a notification or a call comes in. Additionally, it provides a list of third-party apps that function similarly.

Imagine a situation where you could use different tones for different types of notifications. Your Android phone can notify you of what’s going inside of it by using either green, blue, or red light. Even better, modify the notification light or light blinking pattern for specific phone highlights.

If this provokes your interest, let’s look at how you may customise the LED notification light on your Android phone to suit your tastes.

What you will need?

To begin with, you must confirm that your Android phone actually comes with an LED notification light; not all Android phones do. Normally, the notification light is placed in front of the phone, close to the front camera.

Keep in mind that some LED lights cannot be modified without affecting how they function. You can also check the specifications of your Android phone online to determine if it supports LED light or not.

How to Set Up Flash Light Notifications on Your Phone in Steps

The pop-up notifications that appear on your smartphone’s screen are there to steal your attention. The majority of the time, alerts report their appearance with a sound to make sure you are aware when you just received a book or missed a call. That won’t always be effective. You might not be able to hear the notification because your volume is off, the screen is constantly facing away from you, or you might be disabled by a conference.

How to use it

  1. Degrade the app’s ambient display and any battery-saving features.
  2. Grant permission for access notification.
  3. Choose a shade to indicate the apps you want to receive notifications for.

Make sure AutoStart is enabled in App Info for MIUI 11 devices. Check the “Show on lock screen” consent in other options as well.

Extra Features

  •  Adjust the LED activity timing.
  • Modify the LED tones.
  •  Alter the LED’s location.
  • Provide call-missing advice.
  •  Modify LED dimensions (Premium required!)
  • Include Downtime (Premium necessary!)

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