How to Change App Icons on Your Android Phone

Changes to the app icons are one of the best ways to personalise your Android device. You can alter a few of your programmes to something you prefer better, or you can introduce entirely themed icon packs that cover all of your apps.

By far the best method for changing icons on Android is to use a third-party launcher. These are compatible with OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung, and other other brands. However, you may also accomplish it without switching your launcher. We’ll look into the two methods in this manual.

How to Change App Icons on Your Android Phone

Using a Launcher to change app icons:

Almost all Android launchers allow you to customise the app icons that you see. Although we’ll be using Nova Launcher, you’ll find that the instructions are typically the same if you prefer another one, such as Smart Launcher, Action Launcher, or Microsoft Launcher.

Individual app icons can be changed, or you can offer a unique icon pack to modify the entire component at once.Visit the Play Store, then install Nova Launcher. When prompted, select Nova as your new launcher by pressing the Home button on your device. Right now, updating the gadgets and app icons on your home screens will take you hardly any time at all.

You may change and edit the titles and icons for any apps with the help of the totally free and useful X Icon Changer app. Numerous customised icon packs, other app icons, and display options are available for the new icons. Our app will create a new icon on your home screen as an alternative path. The simplest way to enhance your Android phone is with this.

The most practical way to use is:

  1. First, launch X Icon Changer.
  2.  Select an app to modify the icon.
  3. Change the image by choosing it from the built-in icon packs, your display, other app icons, or externally created icon packs.
  4. Change the app’s name, which may now be illegitimate.
  5. To view the new alternate route icon, go to your home screen or workspace.

Using it instructions:

  •  Select a preexisting plan to update the app icon, or create a brand-new icon by choosing a cute foundation subject, edge, stickers, and gleam effect;
  •  Locate the application whose icon you wish to modify;
  •  Continue pressing it long after it displays the perfect subject screen;
  •  Select the icon’s topic of interest;
  • Click the “set” button, and you’re done.
  • A different option is to rename the application;
  •  Have a great deal of fun using our feature-rich yet no-cost “icon app customizer”!

Change the app’s name and icon with just a few straightforward steps:

  • Find a huge selection of instant icon themes for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, mail, and camera apps;
  • Just in this “custom icon builder” app, there are an incredible amount of delicate foundations, beautiful stickers, and sparkling casings;
  • Add some glitter and gloss to your own organiser icon design;
  • Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this adorable icon app! Download App Icon Changer to add the greatest “icon pack” for free to your phone;
  • With the help of this amazing easy route icon architect, modify the vibe of your favourite social apps!
  • You consider your clock icon to be overly boring. Additionally, do your calendar and display icons make you wish you would never again glance at your phone screen? No need to worry; simply download our flexible “icon changer for all apps free” and restore your phone to its former glory.
  • Your smartphone screen no longer appears attractive with any of those dated default icon themes! Download App Icon Changer and see how these moment strategies lead the way for some more trying to cut approaches to changing the icons of mobile apps. We’ve put up a whole collection of “cute icons for Android” phones that are ready to use to make it easier for you to modify your app’s icon and name.

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